How I became a RACIST

Once i hit a post of a fellow provider visiting a city where I'm based..

Her tour was totally unsuccessful,

she started it with no prepaid dates & with no deposits taken as had not people interested to book.

she came with no support of local providers..

probably with no access to local boards..

Therefore, she complained on guys negotiated and made her lower her rates

She blamed guys for not being appreciated to her visit, although she had spent an amount for an expensive photo shoot for them

She left the city with heavy heart telling that ladies gave her zero support (not sure if she had reached out any of us)

that city is shitty place with cheap guys, although there are so many reach people

and we all know what kind of people call at last minute, not a matter city

She stated the conclusion:

tour was unsuccessful as guys in the city are just haters of a type of girls she is,

even though i see local customers meet ladies her type (i see when check references)

and i see girls of her type regularly visit the city

Her struggling were even hard to read..

So, I reached her out telling Im sorry to hear that,

I told, here is no kinda ‘haters’ for her personally or for type she is

told, there is nothing she can not change if focus on business aspects,

as it looks like her logistic was not done right (even if it was, all of us SWs had/have upcoming unsuccessful tours which are better to cancel rather to get broken & totally disappointed,

actually many ladies pointed on that in their comments)

Told, that the market in the city is traditionally slow, which surprises why she choose it and expected big exposure...

Oh yes, i did not mention yet,

the girl was WOC, which i’ve actually never been focused on, as do not separate people by color/race/religion

She responded, why i ever opened my white mouth with my unsolicited comment and that

I sound like typical white!


that's how i become a racist!

Do not get me wrong, i never did and not even going to separate people by their religion, skin, or profession!

Its how the society can turn words up side down, and MAKE you LOOK as RACIST

And how people do not wanna be treated as sisters or as I would want to be treated for myself,

but prefer to see you as racist.

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