travel & party companionship only


With the passing of #HR1865,

I clarify that I am not being trafficked, I am of legal age.

I commit no illegal acts

this my Web-page is an entertainment & education page only.

Thank you,


Guys, I provide travel & party companionship only,

as well as vum-building trainings (page is under contraction)

Shown rates are for my companion, entertaining service only and I take the amount as a gift for time we spend together, but not by options.

I consider me as a Luxury SugarBabe, I set my rates up to high level as I personally like upscale level to be covered and wish you to have enough money and time to spend on me

All the rest is a personal agreement between two adults and can not be certified as options you payed for.

Listed im me service-list options are only as my personal LIKEs/preferrances

No sexual encounters to be considered/promised for our date

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