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FMTY starts from 3hrs date!

Good news gentlemen!

Since I reduced the number of tours, I miss many of my wonderful friends,

I still do travel a lot, but I split my time between three cities:

NYC, DC and Orlando.

So now, you do not need to patiently wait or ask when I plan on visiting, but can make it work any time what works for you by flying me to you easily!

3 hrs date is where my FMTY packages start now!

* short direct inbound/outbound flights only

All you need to do is to check if there are direct flights to your city at your date(s) from my current based city and back (please do not count on dates when I'm traveling) - both inbound and outbound

and to place a request, I will take care of the rest

Let us meet soon!

Find out >>

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