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Deposit, Cancellation and Extra Fees

Deposit and cancellation

- 25% deposit is required for each booking, 50% for extended dates (multiple payment methods)

- In case of cancellation in less than 48h the deposit will be forfeit,

- if note is greater it will be held towards the next visit (may vary for touring cities)

- if cancelled by me, it will be refunded withing 2bworking days


Travels and planning


Pre-booking is required, no short notices are accepted,

*extra day or extra stop may be accommodated for advanced notice periods

Based city

incall & outcall may be provided within 50-100 mls (details on my site)

*pre-booking is highly recommended

*** SAME DAY APPOINTMENT extra 300 USD is payable Rush Fee

I understand plans may change and if so, I will do my best to reschedule our appointment,

However I will not let it impact my plans, if it a last minute change is.

I have a strict no refund policy (exception is the unlikely event that I cancel), your deposit will be forfeit if cancelation is in less then 48hrs,

If more then 48hrs, the deposit will be applied to the next appointment

  • If cancellation occur within 48hrs before a date, or once I have begun my travel 25% of the amount booked will be withheld as a cancellation fee,

  • Cancellation within 24hrs will be assessed at 50% of the amount booked,

  • Same day cancellation will be assessed at 100% of the amount booked,

  • Cancellation by me will result me issuing a refund within next 48hrs


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