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spoil me a little...

Hey handsome,

Glad you completed with all screening & scheduling (hope it was not painful) and ready to move forward and secure out date!

I am so excited to finally hop to the fun part and to start getting to know you,

Here is a list of what I accept for a deposit, pick whichever works better for you,

Also if you wanna spoil me with some gifts, which are never expected, but always appreciated, you can find easy ideas bellow ;-)

Yay, I'm so eager to meet!

Prepaid Cards - easy to get in store :

*send me the pics of both sides of the actual card (not the cover)

and bring the physical cart to out date please

ONLINE options:

INVOICE to pay for a consulting/ or rental property

(1) $Cash4V - for the amounts under $300

mark it as GIFT!!!

(2) Ask Me for bigger amounts

ASK Me details

*invoice may be provided

Venmo >>

ASK Me details

Ask Me details

for ms_V

for ms-V

Mark it as GIFT!!!

ApplePay >>

Ask Me

GooglePay >>

Ask Me

Send me YouGotaGift >>

Some of my fav lingerie and other merchants (work as a GIFT only)

Here is my wish list for the true admirers of mine who loves spoiling me!

you guys are my everything!


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