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I help Ukrainians, but I STAND with RUSSIA


..the happiest time I've ever had was in Ukraine, my childhood at my granny's.

I still have lots of family all over Russia and Ukraine (as well as some in Germany, Turkey and Israel),..

I won't go deep in details as those are not critical since we Russians and Ukrainians are not any different, but one family kids and we did never sort out ourselves for Russians and non-Russians, as you guys do,


I stand with Russia and think NATO has to take their hands down from Russian speaking world and stop trying to weaken Russia by killing Ukrainians, there are not that many of them left.

As a citizen of the US I think our government needs to stop looking for an enemy in the outside and start finally solving our own problems inside,

I live in the US full time and I've never been a Russian passport holder, though my first language is Russian (I sure speak Ukrainian too) and I proudly call myself Russian. Russian-American girl.

Such an irony, my Government sends my money I pay for taxes to kill my folks, it has to stop, they will lead us to the end of the world.

I do help Ukrainians (people, not their criminal puppet president, who sold them out), I cry with them and I pray for them.

We should come as a society and make our leaders STOP FUELING THE WAR, STOP SPONSOR IT and making their bucks on it.

Good Lord, safe Russians, no one as them can take care of Ukrainians.


Not even saying a word, the methods we fight with Russia are disgusting and break down all the principle our society, the civilized society based on (free speech right, private property right, discrimination by nationality and religion and many more)

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Donald Brown
Donald Brown
6 days ago

You sure sent light on the subject. When l viewed the president and his wife singing a song together on you tube. l sincerely thought it was genuine. Deep down it was only to make him look good to the people. The Country l live in Canada sent so much money to Ukraine, l wonder if any of it went to the citizens of your Country.

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