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your secret affair no one knows about


With the passing of #HR1865,

I clarify that I am not being trafficked, I am of legal age.

I commit no illegal acts

this my Web-page is an entertainment & education page only.

Thank you,


Gents, here are some things you should know,

I am a model, travel & party companion, and those are the only services I provide,

Shown rates are for my companionship,

I take the amount as a gift for the time we spend together, and do not charge by options or services. No illegal services are promoted or promised here

I consider myself as a Luxury Sugar Babe and wanna be you secret getaway and an affair no one knows about,

I keep my bar high and set my rates up to the highest level as I personally live an upscale level and would not accept anything less then that when I am taken care by a man

All the rest is a personal agreement between two adults and can not be certified as options you paid for,

so please do not bring the subject of services to a correspondence, nor discuss it during an appointment, it may result me to end up our date same minute without refunds.

Lets keep it simple and we will see where the flow brings us to...

My Reviews and mentioned there "services" received or given may vary and only show my personal LIKEs & preferences and guarantied with no circumstances as only by my own will,

Be a true gentleman a lady wants, and lets make out date unforgettable..

Cant wait to get to know you!

Once again, No sexual encounters to be considered/promised for our date


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