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References.. what you should know

Dear gents,

Glad to remind I am a reference friendly provider,

but here is a limit.. one appointment with me includes 2 times of free referrals , after which I'm not your "most recent" any longer.

However, if you still wish me to vouch for you after it, some gift card will be required to reward me ;)

PS. I keep my cell# private and do not use it to promote myself, neither nor to provide references for you!!! Feel free to pass my email or/and website UPL to a lady you wanna meet with (well established providers only please, so I was comfortable and sure the person is legitimate)

* * *

I am verified with a number of adult verification sources and would be glad to send you an invitation to become a member or to vouch for you on any of them,

just LMK

PS. Providers, I do not confirm my p411 OKeys, as why to bother confirming what was already clearly stated..


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