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FMTY & Sponsor the tour

Good news gentlemen!

Since I reduced the number of tours, I miss many of my wonderful clients,

I still do travel a lot,

splitting the time between my three based cities (NYC, DC and Orlando) already keeps me petty occupied,

yet I'm still involved in modeling and attend lots of fashion events, runway shows and pageant competitions across the States and worldwide,

but I decided to make an effort to see you darlings!

You do not need to wait anymore, but to request me to come to the city next to you!

Sponsor the tour:

transportation & accommodation might be required, but most likely not

Request me to come to following with some flexible dates and I'll try to consolidate a couple of inquires and make it work

3 hours date:

* short direct inbound/outbound flights only

Chicago, Charlotte, Dallas, Boston, Cleveland & Toronto

most major cities I used to visit on the East Coast and some Midwest

5 hours date:

* short direct inbound/outbound flights only

LA, SF, Las Vegas, Kansas, Des Moines, Denver

and few more major East Coast cities & Midwest


No your city listed, or you need a particular date? Fly me all for yourself - FMTY or TMTY

*All expenses are on you

All you need to do is to check if there are direct flights to/from your city at your date(s) from my current based location and place a request, I will take care of the rest

Let us meet soon!


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